Referral for care

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Refer to Section 11 of the full guidance.

  • Be aware of the referral options available locally and the agreed referral procedures.
  • Before referring a child for treatment, first relieve pain, provide prevention and attempt caries treatment using behavioural management techniques and local anaesthesia if indicated.
  • Consider the need for temporary dressings to reduce the chance of further pain.
  • For children who live in a different locality than your practice, beware that you should refer to the service local to the child. This may be different to the service you routinely refer too.
  • Ensure all the relevant information is included in the referral communication (electronic or letter). A checklist provided in the full guidance can be used as a reminder.
  • If referring a child for sedation or general anaesthesia (GA), follow your local protocol if there is one in place.
  • This flow diagram may be helpful in deciding whether or not to refer a child for treatment under sedation or GA.
  • If a child is referred for care, ensure that you provide their continued dental care.