Full periodontal examination

Refer to Section 2 of the full guidance.

A full periodontal examination involves the charting of recession, probing depths, bleeding on probing and mobility for every tooth and is recorded in the patient’s clinical notes.

This information can be used to educate the patient, inform your treatment choice, monitor treatment outcomes and, from a medico-legal standpoint, show that you have diagnosed and treated the condition appropriately.

  • Record at least one measure of the greatest extent of gingival recession observed for both the buccal and lingual surfaces of each tooth.
  • Measure probing depth at six sites around each tooth.
  • Record bleeding on probing, any furcation involvement for multi-rooted teeth, any tooth mobility and any other observations, such as presence of dental caries, occlusal discrepancies and problems with restorations.
  • Consider whether a radiographic examination to assess alveolar bone levels is appropriate.
  • Record plaque and gingivitis scores.