Treatment planning

Refer to Section 2 of the full guidance

  • Provide an individualised treatment plan that is specific to the patient and ensure that it has defined therapeutic goals.
  • Explain to the patient what treatment you wish to provide, what this involves and what the intended results are. Also explain what the consequences of no treatment may be.
  • Explain to the patient their role in improving periodontal health:
    • Make clear that periodontitis is a chronic condition that needs to be managed
    • Emphasise that management of the disease is a partnership between patient and clinician and requires a life-long commitment
  • Ensure that the patient is periodontally stable before planning any advanced or complex procedures (e.g. implant placement).
  • Ensure that patients with a history of periodontitis who are considering dental implants are fully informed about the increased risk of complications due to their oral health history.