Developing a personal care plan

Refer to Section 5 of the full guidance.

  • Plan to provide care in the following order: manage pain (if present), provide caries prevention, manage caries/asymptomatic infection (if present).
  • Devise and agree a care plan with the child and parent/carer, which includes the expected number, content and duration of appointments which can be modified if necessary.
  • Having carefully explained the child’s oral health needs and any proposed treatment options, obtain valid consent for the agreed care plan from the child where possible and/or the parent/carer.
  • If a child is pre co-operative, unable to co-operate or has multiple affected teeth, consider referral to assess suitability for treatment under sedation or general anaesthesia.
  • If required, include in the care plan collaboration with other professionals to offer and provide additional home and community support for preventive interventions and to encourage attendance for treatment.