Providing additional support

Refer to Section 13 of the full guidance.

  • Ensure that local additional support contacts and child protection procedures are in place to address any immediate concerns for a child’s welfare or safety.
  • If you have concerns about compliance or attendance, or if you suspect dental neglect or have any other concerns about the child’s wellbeing, act to provide additional support measures for the child and parent/carer.
  • Gather information and keep accurate records.
  • Raise concern with parent/carers and explain what changes are required.
  • Continue to offer and provide the child or young person with appropriate prevention, advice and treatment and continue to liaise with parent/carers.
  • Monitor progress.
  • Consider contacting other professionals (e.g. the child’s health visitor, school nurse, general medical practitioner, Childsmile dental health support worker, social worker) for advice and support in the future dental health management of the child.
  • If concerns for a child or young person’s wellbeing continue or increase, or there is concern about immediate safety or that the child is suffering significant harm, follow local procedures to make a child protection referral.